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Shabbos Planning Pad: Andi


Meet Andi (with an I)!  She knows "life isn’t perfect, but it has perfect moments’".  She’s carefree when it comes to the small stuff and stubborn about the things that matter. When traffic seems to have a secret vendetta against her, it’s never a problem (hello.. that’s what spotify is for…) When she finally makes it to your house (still humming the tune she was listening to in the car), Andi will probably pick up the most random magazine you have and come out knowing something spectacular!  When it comes to the moments that matter most, those moments matter the most!  Her house is the place you can always drop by, without being nervous the timing isn’t right  (the timing is always right ;).  She’s the friend that talks to you at a party without glancing around to see if someone more interesting came along (‘cuz it’s you).  When effortless living meets intentional choices, Andi is your girl.  

Get ready to tackle Shabbos weekly with the ultimate desk pad:

  • Menu Plan for all 3 Meals
  • Shopping List
  • Guest Plan
  • Errands
  • Last Minute Extras
  • 80 GSM White Paper
  • 53 Pages 17x11 inches 


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