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January 2019 Daily Planner: *LUXE* Yaeli (Limited Edition)

$42 $60

Meet Yaeli:

An exclusive design by famous artist Yaeli Vogel of Yaeli Fine Art, this cover, titled "Butterflies and Rain" changes the way you look at planners and their possibilites.

"In the image there are two main colors - Light and dark, with lots of shapes and designs.  There are butterflies, hearts, waves, rain, moons, sun, stars, and flowers.  The simple meaning is the different days, time and seasons that go with the image. The in depth meaning which inspired the painting is that some days are going to be butterflies, flowers and sunny and other days will seem like a night sky and maybe even some rain, but it’s the rain that ultimately makes flowers grow!  It’s a reminder in our day to day lives to keep perspective and know that it’s ALL GOOD:)"- Yaeli Vogel
Get ready to tackle it all in style with your January 2019 Daily Planner:
  • Daily Planner Pages including places to Write Menu, Health,To Do's, Appointments, Phone Calls, and Gratitude, and "Today is Exciting Because..."
  • Weekly Two Page Shabbos Prep Pages Featuring Menu Planning, Shopping Lists, Guest Planning, Errands, and Your Last Minute Extras
  • Unique Friday Page Including Plans for the Weekend, Place to Fill-in Candle Lighting, and Loose Ends 
  • Unique Sunday Page Including Weekly Menu and Shopping List  
  • Yontif Prep pages Including Yontif Top Three Goals and Yontif Specific "To Do"s and Reminders
  • Daily Inspirational Quotes
  • Two-Page Monthly Overview with Monday Start Day for Each Week
  • Monthly Budgeting Plan
  • Two -Page 2019 Yearly Overview with Monday Start Date for Each Week
  • Daily and Monthly Pages Marked with Legal and Jewish Holidays
  • Sophisticated Copper Wire Binding with Copper Re-Enforced Metal Corners
  • Copper Monthly Tabs
  • Elastic Bookmark Attached 
  • Copper Metallic Pen Included with Every Planner
  • 80 GSM White Paper
  • Approxmiately 1.5 lbs 
  • 469 Pages 10x9x1.5 in (Including the Binding)

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