Things I Do as a Business Owner that Just Make Sense

There are many things we do, which in our own minds make total sense.  What I'm learning though, is that what's a basic to someone may not be so basic to others.  We can all learn from each other.  With that in mind I'd like to share.   This post is truly one that by far will benefit greatly from people sharing their own "things I do that just make sense" in the comments.

1. I Focus on End Results, Not the Product I'm Selling. 

Whether it's a free printable, planner, or consult, the "success" is what I'm after. 

I don't sell planners, I sell a balanced life.  I don't promote printables, I advocate for happy bedtimes (and by default the resources that will get you there).  This idea is originally from Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx that said "I don't sell Spanx, I sell a flat tummy.".  It's probably the greatest piece of marketing advice I follow.

2. I Take Pictures of EVERYTHING.  

Family time, a cute snack you made, travel.  Snap Away! You always need pictures for add campaigns, sales, web design, the more you have the better. 

I almost never take pictures specifically for a Blog Post.  But I do have footage of almost everything so when the time comes I can quickly access "cooking pictures", "planner pictures", "running" etc.. 


3. The Focus Doesn't Always Have to be Your Business When You're on Social Media.

People need to feel connection, and marketing is all about that.  Sometimes you can just post a picture of your family and not have to circle it back to why you need "x product" when you're traveling with your family." 


4.  We Include our kids.

When it comes to work-life-balance something that's been really helpful is  including our kids.  From helping to pack orders, to sharing how I handled a customer, or helping me decide between two covers.  I've learned this from my husband who always shared tidbits at the dinner table.  It makes the family feel connected instead of resentful.


5. I have business "friends" and people in my life who "get it". 

I was at a certain juncture in the business where I had to decide what to outsource and what I would learn how to do, and continue doing.

Having a friend who ran a business and understood it was super helpful.  

Keeping people in your circle who you can turn to, or  who understand the balance of you life and offer support is a game changer.

I'm a very independent person by nature so this did NOT come naturally to me.  Lunch dates, the people you follow on social media, all contribute to your support system.  The advice and camaraderie has been unparalleled and a huge part of my success.

Please share your own "things i do that just make sense" in the comment section below!