Working Mom Schedule

As a mom of 15 years, I've done many versions of the "family/work dance". I've worked part time, from my home, commuted, been in school, been a stay at home mom, worked full time and more.


Below you'll find tips that I've gathered from other woman like myself, as well as my own fails, mistakes, wins, and hacks.

See below for three "schedule options" depending on your normal:


Schedule 1: Work at Home Mom With Kids all in School/Daycare.

  • Wake up/ Get Dressed
  • Get kids ready for school, fed, and out the door.
  • Check to do List for the Day
  • Plan household and family obligations around work schedule.  This is also true for any self care and YOU tasks.  Workouts, a coffee with a friend, reading a book for a few etc.. are based on school pickup and drop off, and your work schedule.     For Example:  If you have a zoom call at 9-10 and 3-4, dinner prep should be based on that, putting in a load of laundry etc..
  • Prep for kids coming home/School Pickup
  • Kids Homework
  • Unplugged/Present Time with Family Ex: arts and crafts, the park, trampoline outside.
  • Dinner clean up- INVOLVE THE KIDS
  • Bedtime
  • Complete any work tasts
  • Complete any household tasks
  • Prep for Tomorrow

Schedule 2: Work at Home Mom with Kids At Home:

  • Wake up and get yourself and kids dressed and fed.
  • Activity with kids/playtime
  • Check To Do list for the day
  • Household tasks like unload dishwasher/laundry 
  • Snacks for you and the kids
  • Nap time/Mommy Work Time
  • Lunch
  • Independent Play While Mommy Works or Does household tasks.
  • Nap #2 if appropriate - Work or household chores that you can't do with kids awake.
  • Snack/Get out and Play
  • Dinner
  • Bath 
  • Bedtime
  • Complete any work tasks
  • Complete any household tasks
  • Prep for Tomorrow

SCHEDULE #3:    Working Mom Who Works Outside of Home:

  • Wake up/ Get Dressed
  • Get kids ready for school, fed, and out the door.  Prep anything that babysitter or nanny needs.
  • Work 
  • School Pickup
  • Prep Dinner
  • Homework 
  • Bonding Time with Fam
  • Clean up together as Fam
  • Bedtime
  • Complete any work tasks
  • Complete any household tasks
  • Prep for Tomorrow

 Below are some tips/hacks/and mentality shifts that have helped me and many others. 

1. The Night Before is the Rockstar of the Next Morning:

 Laying out clothes, making lunches, signing permission slips. You'll never regret taking that time the night before to prep for yourself and the kids.

2. Teaching Your Kids Independence and to be Helpful is a Good Thing:

Bringing their plate to the sink, helping take out the garbage, picking out their own clothes... are all important skills for your children to learn.

When you're working while raising a family, you cannot do it alone.  Teaching your children these values is a win win.

3. Take Advantage of Those Pockets of Time:

20 minute commutes can be a great time to catch up with mom.  A lunch break is a great time to schedule dr's appointments.  Kids playing nicely on their own is a great time to pack  your own lunch for the next day.

4. There's no Right or Wrong Time to Do Anything:

Working out can happen with your kids together, after they're in bed, before they wake up, or in the middle of the afternoon.  There's no right or wrong time to do ANYTHING.

5. Know Yourself and Plan Accordingly:

If you work from home but get cabin fever, then head to a Starbucks.  If you hate cooking there are millions of shortcuts to make dinner simple.  If you're a prep in advance type, then maximize that skill.  There's no road map to success.