Small Changes To Make Dinner Easy and More For the Entire Family

Let's be frank, our lives can sometimes feel like they're revolving around food.  In a good way.  From packing lunches, eating breakfast, and nightly dinners, it's all happening EVERY DAY!

Which is amazing, because food does so much besides nourish our bodies.

We can explore other cultures, bond together over a good meal, remember a loved one by baking their homemade Mandelbrodt, and even explore our creativity.

Here's some ways I have found to make dinner easier.

- The "Switch One Thing Out" Method.
Many of us have kids that love noodles, but we're working on eating a little healthier.  So popping in a spaghetti squash for yourself when you make meatballs is an easy win.  You're not making two totally different dinners, but one small change.




This applies to allergies or any dietary needs!  No need to make two entirely different dinners for your kid that's lactose intolerant,  a gluten free uncle, or vegetarian friend.  Simply cook a few pieces you don't add cheese to, skip the breadcrumbs on, or take out the veggies from the pan before adding the chicken.

- Back to Basics!
Our kids love basic cut up fruits and vegetables.  No need to always have complicated side dishes.  Some fresh watermelon, berries, and basic salad are great options that are nutritious and simple.

 - Add a little Salt:
You would be shocked by how much better so many foods taste with just a sprinkle.

-Sit Down as a Family When You Can:
Even if you're only able to do it once a week, this is what mealtime is all about.  Gathering around together, eating yummy food, and sharing your day.  

 -Ask Specific Questions at Meal Time:
We go around and share "The Best Part of Our Day, and Something Kind we Did.". The trick with this is to be realistic with how often this happens.  Don't expect this to happen at every meal.  'Cuz it won't.  So many times one kid is away, people end up eating at different times, you're having a really nice conversation about something totally different.  It's okay, just make an effort ;).

- Allow for Help and Independence:
Involving your family in setting the table, leaving add ins to the side so each person can add what they like, taking turns clearing the table, and smiley face sandwiches are all fun ways to allocate and create independence. 

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