5 Easy Hacks For Moms

As parents, we're all looking to make our life easier, make sure the values of our home are met as simply as possible, and that it's as least stressful as possible.

Read below for our favs ways to make that happen:

1. One Sock That's the Same:

Gray and Black, all white it doesn't matter.  But avoid those multi packs that have red line, then another set with orange etc.. It makes laundry so much easier.  This goes for our 6 year olds socks, as well my running ones.

2. Think Win-Win With Bonding:

Have to run and errand?  Pick something up?  Grocery shop?  Take a kid along with you.  It now turns a mundane task into a bonding activity.  This only works if you'll actual bond though.  Don't schlep a child along if you have to run in and out super fast, you'll be handling a work call, or they hate that errand.


3. Prep as Much as You Can the Night Before:

This isn't new concept, or even a fresh idea, rather a reminder.  Lunches, washing fruit and veggies for the breakfast, laying out clothes, are all ways to make your mornings as easy as possible.   Two important things to remember: 

1. This applies to you too.  Lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, make sure your skincare is easy to find.  I've even gone as far to put ingredients on the counter I'm using for dinner the next day and it's super helpful.  

2. This is an important skill for your older kids as well.  Teaching them to make sure they have their clothes ready avoids the "MOOOM I DON'T HAVE ANY SOCKSSSSS" scenario and is an important life skill.

4. Always Keep Snacks with You: 

For yourself and your kids.  Granola bars, protein puffs, chips, yogurt bars, nuts, beef jerky, pretzels or anything else your family enjoys .  No one should be hungry ever, especially yourself!  



5.  If you Present it Well, They'll Normally Follow:

In a physical sense, putting out a project works way better than asking "Do you want to paint?".  Having an apple sliced on the table works way better than asking if they want that as a snack.  

And on a deeper level, if you're preparing a child for a tough situation, keeping it positive works way better than being negative.

Hope you enjoyed! 

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