I Tried Meditation so You Don't Have To!

As a fast paced person I've always been skeptical of meditating. 

Except the proactive health nut in me also knows it's importance from the spam of articles, as well as friends or people I know who have tried it.

I'd rather run fast, do Zumba, and kayake etc.. than slow down and just breathe to be quite honest.

That changed, however, and and my curiosity was peaked while reading the story of how the app HeadSpace came to be.  In Guy Raz's book, "How I Built This", he shared the story of founder Andy Puddicombe  and his desire to bring mindfulness to the masses after seeing its success when treating patients.  Which from a business standpoint had  me intrigued.  Add that to the fact that I'm nothing if not proactive and it was definitely worth downloading the app.

In full transparency I can fully attribute  a lot of mistakes and fall outs due to being a generally fast paced person.  Typos in emails, hurting someones feelings because I spoke too quickly, forgetting something important since I was rushing out of the house to name a few.  I fully see the benefit of slowing down in life.


I really liked it.

So far it's been about two weeks, here's what I love about the app. I've probably done 5 minute sessions two a day, 80% of the time.

1. Meditation takes many forms, not just the "AHUMMM".  Visualizations, breathing, affirmations are all forms.   

2. There's plenty of variety from narratoror, type, time of day, goal, time etc..

3. It makes meditation super approachable and user friendly.

Other Facts I've Learned About Meditation from Speaking to Friends and doing a little reading.

1. A lot of successful people do it.  Reading a leadership book,  the importance of  meditation was a huge tool many used.

2. There's so many different ways.  Prayer, spending time outside in the quiet, just pausing and being silent, talking to a friend, are all other ways of practicing mindfulness.

3. There's a lot more that I want to learn.

Hope this was helpful!  Have you tried meditating?  Let us know