The Smoothie Addiction is Real and Here's Why (Plus our fav Recipes)

For a while now, a few years I'd say, I've begun my day with coffee (oat milk for life, but thats a TOTALL different blog post), water, and a smoothie.  Here's why smoothies have become my go to option for breakfast:

1. They're Portable and Easy to Take on the go. 

No knife and fork necessary, no need to even sit down.  They're perfect for carpool, to sip while I'm giving our kids breakfast, or to take to slurp as I ship orders or work on marketing for DD.

carpool smoothie

2. They're Quick.  

Ready in seconds, many blenders even come with a cup to blend directly into, and in less than 5 minutes I have breakfast ready.

3. They're Wicked Easy to Tailor To Your Health Goals:

Want more protein in your day?  Add another scoop of your fav protein powder or some almond butter.

Want more fiber?  Add more fruit or a fiber supplement, some flaxseed.

Working on loosing weight?  

Working on having energy while you train with your trainer?

Looking to add more calories to a picky kid's breakfast?

It's super simple to adjust based on your needs throughout the years, your family's and your lifestyle.

4. It's a Great Way to Start Your Day

I don't need to quote them, but I'm sure if you googled "best morning practices", "ways to jumpstart your health", or even "how to be the best version of you", most would agree the importance of starting your day off on the right foot. Nourish your body and mind, so you set your self up for success.


Here's our favorite products that I use on the regular:

1. Blender

I've tried many and this one wins hands down in all categories.  If has enough accessories to make your life easier without those extras you'll never use. 

I love using the large blender for Sunday mornings when I make smoothies for the entire family.

It also comes with two cups that you make the smoothie in and then drink from afterwards that I use daily for my husband and I.  

Blends ice and tough things like dates really well too.


2. Collagen 

Love this for my skin, hair, nails and bone health.  I put in a scoop a day and I have friends that add a second if they're pregnant. 

3. Protein Powder

This brand is my favorite!  I've used many flavors but my go to is the chocolate peanut butter. This is a great source of protein in the am.  Sometimes eggs, or yogurt just doesn't cut it or you want a change. 



My favorite smooth recipes that I rotate:

1. Chocolate Banana Date Smoothie



This one has been my go to for a few months now.  I found a few recipes online and kind of combined them.  I don't really measure much as you'll see.

Almond Milk- about a cup less for thicker and more for thinner consistency 

Tons of Ice

2-3 Medjool Dates- I've used regular and it's fine just not AS yummy

2-3 TBS cocoa powder

1-2 TBS of chocolate or chocolate peanut butter protein powder

1 frozen banana

Blend, the thicker the better.


2. Spinach and Berry

I like this one when I want to incorporate more greens into my morning.  If i'm looking for something lower calorie (maybe I'm not working out crazy that day), this option is  still super filling 

1 cup mixed berries

Almond Milk- about a cup less for thicker and more for thinner consistency 

Tons of Ice

a handful of spinach

half a banana

3. Our kids fav

SO many times they want my smoothie and taste it and kind of well, spit it out, so when they want one that tastes good.  This is their fav, not super protein filled or anything so Iike to serve it with yogurt or eggs.

Froxen strawberries

Juice (apple, cranberry, oj, even grape juice)

Banana (optional)


4. Green and Pretty


We've all seen the pretty green smoothies the trick is to not use any red or purple fruit.  

Greens of your choice (spinach is my fav but Kale etc... works great just more of a bitter taste).

Almond Milk- about a cup less for thicker and more for thinner consistency 

Tons of Ice

1 banana

Frozen mango and banana (either or both works)

Vanilla protein powder


A few notes and hacks:

1. I add collagen to all of the above recipes except the kids ones.

2. The Easiest way to clean your blender is right away, by putting soapy water in the blender and then blending the water.  As in, turn the machine on with the soapy water in it.   

3.  Looking to take charge of your health?  This Driven Day Printable is the best way to get started.