As our time management consulting has began, a big question has been coming up with my clients. 

What happens when “theoretically” you know what to do.  You know you’re supposed to menu plan, you know that if you want to exercise you’re either waking up early or doing it after work.

Your brain can give speech after speech about the importance of “if it isn’t in the calendar it doesn’t count.”

But practically? 

You’re just not feeling it.  You know you should, but you’re not motivated.  You’re not that “type”.  What then?

Here’s our favorite tips to become disciplined and motivated with your time, even when you’re just NOT in the mood.

1. Set a Timer: 

This is one of the most tried and true ways to ensure something gets done.  From doing a five minute kitchen cleanup, to catching up on  tedious accounting for your business.  Set a timer, work until it’s done and then stop.  What typically happens is you’ll be in the “zone” and continue on after it stops.  What makes a t timer such a valuable tool is that it takes the thought process out of the equation.  You don’t have to analyze how much time something will take, you don’t have to reflect if you’re in the mood.  You just set it and forget it.  And, you know as soon as it's done you get to stop.


2. Bribe Yourself: 

Working on creating a habit?  What better way than with your own little “adult star chart”.  I’ve totally done this with goals of my own.  Saving up for a nice bag once I hit a milestone in the business, a new baseball cap for running after I’ve been consistent for a certain amount of time etc… We all have those little things we want, having them as a treat can totally motivate you to work and be consistent on a goal you’re working towards.


3. Outsource It:

Take a step back and see what tasks you can outsource.  We all have those "to do’s" we avoid.  Sometimes you have to man up and do it anyway, but other times there is someone else that can.  This is more applicable in certain areas than others.  For example, I outsource my accounting but love doing my social media for Driven Day.  I hate cleaning but I love cooking.  There’s plenty of things we don’t really have a choice about in life, but quantify the things you enjoy and those you'd prefer to delegate, and outsource when you can.

4. Focus on Consistency not results: 

Recently I began becoming more active on Linked In.  It’s unrealistic that I’d expect anything major to happen overnight.   So to have my goal be something that was based on other people (a certain amount of engagement etc..) is really demotivating.  Instead focus on being consistent.  The goal should be to post a certain amount, engage etc…  Another example, instead of focusing pounds lost in a weight loss goal, focus on being consistent with whatever plan or habits you’re working on.  It’s super discouraging to see the scale say the same.  But its REALLY motivating to see you’ve gone on 25 walks this month!

5. Get someone to keep you accountable: 

Find a walking partner, a colleague at work who can motivate you to bring health snacks to keep at your desk,  a spouse to who will send you reminder texts about going for walks, you get the idea. Having someone to the workout with, or send you an encouraging text message at the end of the day can really be a game changer.

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