Balancing Acts: Insights into Multifaceted Professional Journeys (Part 1)

Lately I’ve been encountering more and more women (and some men too), that aren’t just doing just “one thing” career wise. They’re teachers with a candy platter company on the side, speech therapists that also extra curricular gyms for kids, and more.

Myself included as over the last two years I’ve opened a private equity firm with my husband in addition to Driven Day, running the marketing department of our current portfolio companies. It has been rewarding and exciting and here’s my take on why I feel this is happening more and more often.

We are multi-faceted people

Long gone are the days where we had to commit to one aspect of ourselves for 8 hours a day. With multiple endeavors it allows us to tap into that artsy side as well as the practical one, the analytical with the sporty and more.

One can help support the other especially from a financial end

When one job is consistently bringing in income, it allows the stability to maybe delve into a dream product you wanted to design, and support a business that may take longer to bring in revenue. For example, if you’re a CPA that’s bringing in enough to help pay the bills and begin funding that children’s clothing line, you can explore that without it taking a financial toll on your income.

Don’t put your eggs in one basket

When I encounter a customer service issue in Driven Day , I can still have a successful day since I had a win when an email campaign rolled out and we got a new client for a security technology company.

It can allow you to explore which area to devote more time to

Data based decision are always ideal, and working several jobs doesn’t always mean 50/50. If you see sales are majorly taking off in that small sourdough baked goods side hustle, you can pivot and maybe take on a few less speech therapy.

More fun!- For many of us, not all, having a few things going on means we don’t get bored or tired of doing one thing all day. Stay tuned next week to why I feel this is happening and how to make it a reality for yourself on a practical level.

Obviously, there are so many different careers, jobs and business opportunities and many people are very satisfied working one job. However, as a board member for the Jewish Women’s Entrepreneurship, a business owner and mom, I’m seeing this trend and definitely welcoming it.

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