When and Why I Use Time Blocking.


Today I spent a lot of time on our A+ Content for Amazon, as well as our Amazon Storefront.

The annoying part about this is, there wasn't a beginning and end to this.
I knew going in, I'd be emailing images to my graphics team, have questions for our consultant, and this wouldn't be done or something I could "check off".

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So here's what you. You time-block and say "I'm spending an hour and half on X".
This way there's a start and end time, you get to do your happy dance when you check off that task on your planner or to do list, and you've made major headway on a project.

This applies to organizing a closet when you have to wait your kids to decide if they still want their hockey gear, work projects that are longer than a day or two, and much more.


If you're interesting in implementing time blocking even more into your day, here's some practical tips and info.  I personally use it when tackling big projects like cleaning my house for Passover, or working on a huge product launch but same ideas still apply. It's a game-changer when it comes to taking control of your life, boosting productivity, and finding that ever-elusive balance. 

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For example, you're a freelancer working as a graphic designer. You've got clients, deadlines, and a whole lot of creative work to tackle. That's where time blocking swoops in to save the day! Set aside specific chunks of your morning for the most important and creative tasks, like working on client projects.  (Side note, Jeff Bezos always takes his. most important calls at 10 am).


During those focused periods, you kick distractions to the curb, switch off notifications, and dive headfirst into your work.

Then, In the afternoon, you tackle administrative stuff, like emails and project deadlines. With time blocking, you'll boost productivity, produce top-notch work, and still have time for a your family or friends later on in the day.

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Now, let's switch gears.  For all our Driven Dayers currently in school furthering their education and juggling classes, assignments, and more.  Carve out dedicated blocks of time for studying, attending classes, and getting those assignments done.

Putting your phone on silent and blocking tempting websites and Tiktok (my personal vice) helps tremendously.  But we know there's more to life than just school.  Include blocks for self-care, exercise,  hobbies, and even hanging out with your friends. With time blocking in your corner, you'll conquer your schedule like a boss, feel less stressed, and still have time to enjoy life.

These real-life examples show how time blocking can seriously level up your productivity and balance the different aspects of your life. By assigning specific time slots to activities, minimizing distractions, and prioritizing self-care, you'll take charge of your time and be able to handle anything that comes your way .

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 I  personally use it as a tool in my back pocket, but it's helped tons of people manage stressful situations and reduce that feeling of overwhelm.


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