You've Achieved Your Goal... Now What?

What happens what you actually achieve your goal?


Search on amazon, google it, or go on social media and you will be inundated with millions of books, articles, tip and tricks about goal setting, motivation and how to achieve your dreams (our brand included).


But what happens next?  When you've actually achieved it?

You don your cap and gown and graduate from that PhD program.

You run across the marathon finish line?

You take that leap and finally move abroad to Italy the way you dreamed of as a little girl.


Well, I’ve searched google, read some of the books and here’s a compilation of  some of the best advice from those that have done just that, and what they did after.


Be humble:

 It’s easy to become a little high on yourself when you feel you've  “made it”.

You scored the Walmart account after pursuing them for years.  You finally lost the weight, or ended that toxic relationship and are finally in a health one. 

Remember the hard work it took to get you there, don’t judge others, you’re still human, and remember to be kind to yourself and everyone around you.

Always keep moving!:

 You finally launched your own company?   Well the work is just getting started.  You lost the weight?  Well here comes the maintenance phase, meal prepping isn’t going anywhere.  With that PhD in hand, comes the real work of what you’re going to do with it.

Celebrate it!:

Journal, throw a party, treat yourself to a vacation and truly take the time to recognize how far you’ve come, the hard work you’ve put in, and the time and effort YOU you spent to get you where you are. 

Now it’s time for the even bigger goals! 

Bigger goals require more confidence, greater motivation, and more work and effort.  You made the million and now what?  You’re investing it?  Using it to fund another dream?  Goal setting is contagious and many times you only wind up wanting to go bigger and greater.  After all, you’re just getting started. 

Have something else planned for when you’re done:

 My husband was actually the driving force to ensuring I had something else on my plate the second the NYC Marathon (my first ever) was complete.  I booked a personal trainer, set my sights on other fitness goals and I was able to continue the momentum I had built up.

Regardless of what your dreams are.  Big, small, or somewhere in between.  Knowing how to handle the aftermath, the post goal season, and the end game will make all the difference.
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