10 Things I Always Do When Traveling

We are heading out in less than one week to the Atlantis in the Bahamas for Pesach (Passover),  Here's my 10 tips for travel.  These apply to any type of travel and are those tried and true habits I always do when going away.   Enjoy!

1. Airtags- Attach to your bag so your luggage doesn't get lost.  

2. Carry On Gets Essentials - Medications, a change of clothes, any values, that you'd be scared to loose I always keep on me.

3. Look at the Weeks Ahead- From kids' appointments to work deadlines, it's super important to look at the calendar.  There's nothing worse than having bloodwork scheduled and realizing it was supposed to be fasting, that you should have taken a day to prep for that meeting with investors etc...

4. What Comes in Must Go Out- We all love new outfits, makeup, accessories for a trip.  As soon as those amazon packages arrive, take inventory.  Bought bathing suits?  Let's go through and make sure we don't have any old ones than can be given away.

5. Make Sure Credit Cards and $$ are Prepped - Alert AMEX and other credit cards that you're traveling, get plenty of cash and research payment methods for where you'll be (are you tipping and need small bills for example).

6. Basic Unmixed Antibiotic and International First Aid Kit or Basic BandAids and Tylenol.  

7.  Be Chilled the First Few Days Upon Return -  You're not going to finish all laundry, while working, unpacking, and stocking up your house with groceries, Give yourself a few days, use plastic, instacart an order to arrive upon your return, and be gentle with yourself.

8. Pack Essentials First and Take a Picture -  It happens every single time we are on the way to the airport.  I freak out that I forgot those major things.  So now I pack them first, and if you want to be extra take a picture to ease that anxiety.  Examples Include:  My contacts and glasses, medications, makeup, kids projects, that one sweater grandma gave. you that your baby NEEDS to wear, shoes etc..

9. Schedule all Those Self Care Appointments -  Hair, nails, haircuts. think backwards and plan accordingly.  You always take tons of pictures on vacation make sure you look and feel your best.