Driven Day

Drive Your Day Journal- M6007


You've heard of "What's Your Why?" But here at Driven Day, we ask "What's your Before?".  Because before any planner, calendar, or datebook is filled out, there came a before.  The Prologue, the PRE so to speak.  Where goals were quantified, gratitudes expressed, and the deep (and sometimes not so deep) questions about who you truly are get answered.  Only once you have your own sense of self solid, your goals quantified, and your motives understood, can you truly then live a life of intention and  growth.

Featuring a 2 page spread including sections for goal setting, daily affirmations, gratitude, and even introspective questions.  This journal will take you from morning intentions to nighttime reflections and everywhere in between.  

Dimensions 8.5x6x1 inches 

307 pgs. 

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