Driven Day

A Driven Day E-Book: The Pesach of Your Goals


Ever wish you had that best friend who you could just shmooze it all out with it? Especially an undertaking as big as Pesach? Ever wanted to have Yontif be everything you want it to be only to realize you weren’t even sure what that meant??? Meet your new bestie and make Pesach the Driven Day Way! With our e-book you will have the Pesach YOU want with intention, purpose, and even still have time for that manicure and late night shmooze with your sister who just came into town :)


1. Menu planning.

2. Tips and tools to stay calm and relaxed and find our what works for YOU!

3. Budgeting and grocery guides.

4. Packing lists and tools for travel.

5. How to plan everything from cooking to cleaning and even some R&R.

6. Post Yontif Reflection Journal for both the practical and the personal!

7. Contains over 40 pages of Driven Day journaling to quantify your why, hows, and musts.  As well as scheduling, organization tips, and all the helpful tools from Driven Day you've known and loved with the Pesach focus you've been waiting for.

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