5 Ideas That Require Zero Brain Power That Will Revolutionize The Busiest Time of Year

Want five ways that will make the balance of back to school, the holidays, work, and the regular stuff way easier?

Let's go! 

This month in the Jewish Calendar we have three major Holidays.  Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipper, and Succot.  Each of these requires cooking, often times with guests or family, taking time off of work, and generally coincides with back to school.


It's also one  of the most spiritual times, we get commanded to sit outside and spend time with our family, introspect, and has the potential to create some pretty amazing memories.  Read below for five tips that you can do to save money, make your time work for you, and make this time one your family will cherish for a lifetime.

1. Fill  Four Bags With Trash/Giveaway:

Everything is easier when there's less stuff, and you don't have to think very much when you just walk around the house with a bag.  Fill it with those broken toys, books that lost half their pages, containers that are stained beyond repair, and clothes that no longer fit.


What's perfect about this is number one, kids of all ages can help, so this is a great way to get them involved. 

Number two, you don't need to be hyper focused or super on your A game, this doesn't require a ton of thinking. 

And number three, will make it so much easier to play games in your den, know what's in your pantry, make space for the new clothing for the season and more.

2. Double Your Cooking: 

Kids in the kitchen.

Making meatballs for dinner?  Make a second pan and freeze for an easy pop in the oven after a family trip during Chol Hamoed (the intermediate days of Succot).  Double brownies for a dessert.  Once you have all the ingredients out, it's not that much harder to make, well MORE.  This will make suppers in between the holdidays easier, menu planning simpler, and keeps your family well fed when you have a business deadline.

3. Use up What you Have:

From a budgeting perspective when we're buying holiday clothes, fresh meats, and taking time off work, this is super important.  Using up those small bag of frozen waffles that got stuck behind the ice maker, that half a box of taco shells, or  bringing that box or crackers your kids don't always go for to the baseball game just makes sense.  

It also clears up space in the fridge, freezer, and pantry for the abundance of food we will be cooking.

And, it can actually be pretty fun to challenge yourself to use what you have.

4. Make Sure Everyone's Basic Health is Taken Care of:

Especially yours!  This time of time of year, schedules are constantly changing, we're all focused on way more than normal and it is never more important to remember the basics.  Everyone gets a good nights sleep, drinks some good ol' water, gets some Vitamin D outdoor time, and eats a veggie and protein!

Nothing is worse than running on empty, or cranky kids with colds.  Ensure you get sleep and make it it a non negotiable.  There's countless ways even if it seems hard.  Take turns watching your friend's kids and take a nap.  Find a mother's helper, or talk to your spouse about making this a priority for both of you.  Click here  to make your evening routine your favorite part of your day.

5. Make the Focus the Aspects You Enjoy


Everyone has different parts of the holidays they love.  Some love tablescaping, others love innovative dishes.  For some, having unplugged time where you can focus on your kids and not emails is a real treat.  Others find the prayer this time of year particularly inspiring.  Own what you enjoy.  Remember to devote as much time to the parts you enjoy as you do to all the others.  HAVE FUN!

Ready to Take This On?  Here's the Resources YOU NEED ASAP!

This is our most popular printable and for good reason.  It's a serious game changer and most importantly, it's free.


tishrei printable


Work is happening regardless, make it as organized as possible and make that "work smarter not harder." quote we always hear a reality.

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shopping list pad

 And you already know I'm gonna give a shout out to the product that was created specifically for months like these.  A basic planner from target isn't going to cut it when you're balancing spirituality, work, family and health.  Get the planner geared for YOUR lifestyle.