BHIS! Once a Week We're Given the Opportunity to Reset and Recharge: Here's How to Bring the Relaxation Back

There's such a sense of feeling and excitement when it comes to the weekend.  Countless memes and quotes saying phrases like  "Thank G-d its the Weekend", "Is It the Weekend Yet?' "Better Days are Coming.  They are called:  Saturday and Sunday."

Sometimes when it comes to Shabbos, the rest and relaxation can take a place on the sidelines when it's combined with the cooking, cleaning, prayer, guests, clothing and more.  

That's why together with Herzog Wine and the "Baruch Hashem It's Shabbos" Movement we're committed to bringing the calm, joy, family fun, and reflection into the best day of the week.

First and foremost, at Driven Day we always focus on making  sure your needs and musts are identified so you know what "has to" get done, and what "would be nice if it happens."

That's why our Shabbos Pad we've created together is key.  Taking the five minutes to prep and plan will make all the difference.  Because you know what's NOT relaxing?  Forgetting your guests are allergic to peanuts, or making a soup to only remember you have one in the freezer.


Here's our tips to make BHIS something you say on the regular.


1.  Double Recipes When You're Able. 

Once the flour and sugar are out, taking the extra time to prep a second pan of brownies creates a lot less work for yourself. 

Bonus:  When you're invited out, knowing you have something to bring makes it an easy win that will make your hosts feel loved.

2. Dial it Down: 

No one needs six side dishes or three baked goods.  Less is more, and I've found personally when I cook a little less, what I actually cooked gets eaten more, it's easier to find things in the fridge, and less overwhelming for company, your kids and anyone eating.

3.  Take the Help:

Cleaning help, precut up fruit, Duncan Hines mixes, someone offering to bring a salad.  Say yes to all of it.  Don't be a Martyr.

4.  Encourage Independent Children.

I always personally struggle with the balance of raising capable kids that also know they're in a stable household and well taken care of.  Over this past yontif our two younger kids actually enjoyed setting the table, and felt so proud.

This also goes back to the basics of cleaning up a toy when you're finished, making your bed when you get up etc.. All these together will create a lot less work for you. 

Bonus: Capable kids are confident kids!  When your children see a beautiful table they set, or a room organized because of them, they feel so good about themselves.

5. Slow it Down:

In all regards, cannot enforce this enough.  Just rush less and your entire day will be different.  Less spills, things forgotten, and an overall calm.  As a fast paced person this is my biggest personal struggle and something I have to actively always work on.


Mentality Shifts:

1. Keep it Simple:  

In the words of my sister in law "Rivka, we all know you can cook! We don't need to prove anything to anyone."

2. Move!:

Taking a walk on Shabbos either to visit friends and family, or just to get some fresh air does wonders.  Its endorfins, Vitamin D,  and a mental break all rolled into one!


Bonus:  This can also double as one on one time with one of your kids, your mom, or your spouse. 

3. Find the Things You Enjoy:

Bake YOUR favorite dessert, make sure you have good reading material.  Invite people you love spending time with.  This day deserves to have YOUR favorites as well.

4. Treat Thursday Like Friday:

 When you shift your mentality to Thursday being Erev Shabbos, you'll be shocked how much calmer your Friday is.  Using our Shabbos Pad is super helpful tool to know what to cook when and plan in advance.

5. Call a Loved One:

Doing for others by giving your grandmother a call, texting your friend in Israel, or sending over something to a neighbor going through a hard time goes super far.  

When we give to others, it only enhances our own life and creates peace and connection.

Are you committed to this movement? 

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