How to Maintain Stability During Tishrei Season



A holiday every other week, full of family time, spiritual connection and celebration, also presents some instability, both practically and mentally. I saw one person's email, "I will be partially out of the office for the next month." This is accurate and made me laugh if I'm being honest.

 rosh hashanah

Here are some tips that help keep structure and joy when a lot is going on.

1. Continue Your Routine as Much as Possible.

Keeping kids getting up at the same time, chores around the house the same, and dinner time, whenever possible, can be a way to ensure everyone feels secure and there aren't huge transitions constantly happening. You do not need to give up the yoga class, a weekly chat with a friend, or meal prep you've been doing. 

2. Streamline as Much as Possible:

All those efficiency tips? Now is when you use them. Double and freeze, use Instacart, precut up veggies, and DON'T cancel your babysitter or cleaning help if you have one.


 3. Plan and Be Glued to the Calendar:  

This goes for work, food, and kids' schedules. There is no worse feeling than getting your kids ready for school only to realize it was an off day you forgot about. I'm a little OCD personally with checking the calendar since there's so much change going on and a lot to remember. Be sure to give your kids a head, which also helps them and you mentally.


4. Don't Begin Any Huge New Projects:

Now is not the time to start crazy new projects unless you want to. Consider organizing the garage for after Succos. But on the flip side, just because there are holidays doesn't mean you can't focus on those goals if you want to. The important thing is that you're not stressed; it's intentional, which adds to your joy.


 5. Plan for all the Non-Holiday Events and Tasks:

Your kids are still home and need to be entertained; they still need snacks and dinner even when you're cooking for Rosh Hashanah, and your bills still need to be paid. So many times, we're in menu prep and guest mode, and we forget all the routine life tasks that have to happen.  


And of course, Remember You:

Have something nice and comfortable to wear. You also have specific foods that are your favorite, and you want to eat. Remember to include all of that in your holiday prep and day-to-day.