For our home, Mother's Day (and Father's Day) is met with getting to sleep in, a fun brunch that didn't make a mess, and something outdoors.

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With younger kids at home, spa days, movie date, or a weekend away aren't practical.  But also, celebrating the biggest accomplishment of your life with the ones you care for always feels a little extra special.  (Save the weekend getaway as a gift).

Below are 10 activities that appeal to both mom and kids alike.  These can also be tailored for kids of all ages.  4 year olds can wipe a counter, a teen can scramble eggs etc... 


1. Refrigerator Artwork- Surprise mom with adorable pictures showing how much you love her and hang on the refrigerator for when she comes down.

2. Breakfast in Bed- An oldie but a goodie, this can be tailor made for what mom loves but doesn't always have time to make for herself.  THIS CAN ABSOLUTELY be store bought, and by all means LEAVE NO MESS BEHIND. Who doesn't love avocado toast and a Dunkin Oat Milk Latte?

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3. Thoughtful Letters and Pictures- I'm not a hoarder but these type of memories are ones I save (in our planner box of course).  

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4. An Outdoor Picnic or BBQ- One of the best things about Mother's Day is that it's typically warmer out, and family outdoor time is always a win.

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5. Scavenger Hunt that Includes her Favorite Spots-  Choose places that are meaningful and share memories.

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6. Do Her Hobby with Her- I'm personally a runner and having my kids share in something I love is always super special to me.  Our oldest just finished 4th in his division for a 5k, and getting to share any hobby will truly bring a smile to mom's face.  If she's a reader, head to the book store, get hot cocoa, and just chill and read together.  If she loves gardening, drive to Home Depot and get some new flowers and vegetables to plant as a family.

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7. A Gift She'll Love- It may not be feasible to do everything she loves all together, but getting a gift certificate or new purse for an upcoming event is a real win.

8. Professional Pictures that She Doesn't Have to Plan- This one every mom always loves to have but, it doesn't always make it to the top of her list.

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9.  Check Pinterest and her Amazon Cart:  She has most definitely saved ideas and items she's been coveting for a while.  

10.  Let the Kids Plan the Day:  Sometimes the most thoughtful ideas come from the kids themselves.  Brainstorm in advance and plan a day based on what they feel mom would love to do.

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Happy Mother's Day!  

P.S.  Thank you mom for always being such a positive light in my life, encouraging me that I can do anything, and ensuring laughter was always present.  


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