Bar Mitzvah Checklist

Our son's Bar Mitzvah was one of the biggest pieces to our moving puzzle.  Moving a child during his Bar Mitzvah year could potentially be challenging.  On the flip side, this is a boy who can climb a palm tree faster than anyone, and harvests coconuts on the regular.   

We were also moving a flight away from most of our family, it was less than a week after our holidays, and so the level of "Driven Day Organization" needed was at an all time high.  

Here's some basic checklist items if you're planning a huge celebration (Simcha). Especially if you're doing a "destination" event, moving around that time, or are just looking for some old fashion tried and true tips!

1. Begin with the End in Mind:

This is one of the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", but especially rings true for planning a Bar Mitzvah.  Once you're spending so much time ,energy, and money, you better create the memories and experience you want.   


- Looking over the guest list to include everyone important.

-  It should reflect your values, priorities, and musts.  If you're a very musical family, making sure you book the music you want for example.

- Special Learning that the boy connects to.

2. Remember all the "other things" Besides the Actual Bar Mitzvah. 

We had a lot of friends and family come before and after.  Having breakfast ready for them was important to us.  We were also so lucky to have fun time in the afternoon to hang out so that would require clearing schedule etc...

3.  Don't Focus on What you Want it to be:

Some kids hate dancing, others love public speaking.  Some want a massive crowd, other's want small and intimate.  A friend told me a story where she was at a Bat Mitzvah.  It was very clearly planned based on what the mother wanted it to be and the girl was practically in tears being forced to dance etc..

As parents, it's our role to focus on what will make this special for our child.  You''ll have plenty of times and events in the future to do whatever makes something special for you.  

4. Those Little Things Aren't Necessary, but They Always Go Noticed:

Custom coconut drinks, gift bags with a few fun extras, or even recognizing an older relative that traveled, are all special touches and thoughtful gestures.  Regardless of how or what you do, any of those "extras", will always be remembered and add so much.

5.  Take it Easy Before and Plan a Break for After:

We had major holidays leading up our Bar Mitzvah and keeping is super simple was a necessity.  This is NOT the time to go full force on other projects, start that charity organization or that side business.  And after, make sure you rest and recover.  This could be a vacation, a few days of sleeping in, or just enjoying the regular daily life that is now the norm again.

And the best part is, we've got a HUGE printable with all the specifics to help you plan the Bar Mitzvah with ease and organization.

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Bar Mitzvah Printable