I’ve dreamed of writing this for a long time.  After planning for close to two years,  without further it do it is my GREATEST pleasure to share and publish our  blog post on moving, post move.  As of now this is two days after we have arrived, and I'm sure there will be a third post down the road as we acclimate to Miami.


What People Did for us That was Really Helpful:

  • Being supportive of the move and sharing their excitement with us 
  • Invited us for meals, took our kids out etc…
  • A sweet note from a good friend
  • Neighborhood bbq
  • Dropped off randoms from our house to other people that left their possessions by us
  • Surprise goodbye parties
  • Our daughter’s teacher made a surprise goodbye party in the class, and each girl wrote a note, had her picture in the book and they all danced.



What we did for Other People that to Keep the Connection:

Personalized gifts and notes for friends and family

Send flowers to each family on our block.

Made sure we had WhatApp chats etc.. to stay in touch once we moved.

Some type of technology that was safe for our kids to Facetime their friends.



-We hired packers. best decision

-I flew down Sunday for our two younger kids to begin camp on Monday.  My husband stayed back to get our other kids off to sleep away camp and meet the movers to pack up the truck.

- We donated and got rid of about 90% of our stuff.

- We sold our house and did a rent back. This allowed us to get the price we wanted and money for when we're ready to buy a place. 

- Created a shared google doc with our buyers of all maintenance people such as lawn care, bug treatment, WiFi passwords and more.


Reminder to cancel all subscriptions, service people etc..

See list below: 


Electric meter: 

Location of 2 electric panels

Main water shut off:

Lawn care:

Lawn treatment

Gas/Electric info and account number 

Home Warranty:

(We had warranty on HVAC and all major systems)


Trash pick up:



Interior designer:

WhatsApp Chats We Made to Stay Organized:

- One designated for summer aka kids camp schedules

-  A "Memories" where we stored pictures of sentimental papers, projects, notes and artwork we didn't take with us, but wanted to have a memory of.

- A "Keep" chat.  I arrived several days before the truck left to set up the younger kids with camp, so my husband would send pics of randoms so I could help to ensure we only moved what we wanted to.


-Your family still needs to eat, be occupied, and play the week of the move.  Do takeout, go out to parks, leave a few things out, whichever you choose.  The important thing is that it's thought about and something you're mindful of. 

- Instacart a small grocery order to arrive at your new place.

- ALL THE CHECKLISTS, either on app or planner, or simple paper and pen. 

Good luck! We're thrilled to be here- The Weingots of Miami