Fun Activities For Those Cold Months and Rainy Days, and "Sweatshirt Weather".

Whether it's winter time and you're stuck inside, or you're looking for fun ideas that don't involve the screen. Here are some of our family's favorites.

1. Make Salt Dough! 

We used this recipe. It's the craft that doesn't end, which means it lasts for hours.  From making the dough together, to shaping, baking, painting it and more. 


I love that it's good for many ages, and can be adjusted based on your child's skill level, as well as it's versatility.

We made handprints of each of our kids for my mother's birthday, and added a hole and twine to hang up.  But this also perfect for holiday ornaments, candleholders, whatever floats your boat.  

2. Make Home Made Bath Paint!

There are two types of families, ones that dread the bath and do the "in and out scrub down", or the ones where it takes an hour of the day, and your kids beg to stay in forever.  This is for the latter, or maybe a tool for the former if you're looking to pump up bath time.

Simply mix dish-soap, a little cornstarch (I've used flour in a pinch), and a drop of food coloring.  This is another one where the activity can last forever.  From making the paint, to painting in the bath.  We like muffin tins to make make different colors but cups, bowls etc... all work.

Also a super fun way to teach kids about colors too!  Read the book Mouse Paint for bedtime and you're golden!

3. Printable coloring pages.

These are so fun and for some reason way better and exciting for kids than a coloring book.  I believe it's because it becomes very exciting for kids to choose the exact thing they're in the mood to color

Find two websites we use on the regular below:

Click here for one with a TON of options! 

And here for another option.  Less to choose from, but super easy to navigate. 

4. Uno and A Deck of Cards.

Uno is one of our top favs! Use a deck of cards for Spit, Go Fish, Rummy, There's a reason the OG remains the tried and true activity for so many.  Bonus, they're super small and so if you're traveling and in a hotel on a rainy day, or stuck in an airport, they take up little space and can create some fun memories.  

Don't go easy on the older kids, it's way more fun when beating mom at spit is a challenge,

5. Board Games

There's literally billions out there, and once again we're a fan of the old school tried and true ones.


Other favs:

Guess Who



We're big travelers and head to Miami literally as often as we can, but even sunny places can be, well, cool.  We always think of beach, sand, and swimming, but plenty of times it's warm enough to be outside, but too cold to get wet.  Think farms, playgrounds that are a little drive (the nice ones that you always say you'll go to), boat rides on the water, dock fishing, family walks and hikes.   


Need more ideas? Check out these printables 






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