Outdoor Family Fun Ideas


Spring is finally here which means outdoor time is about to be in full force!
Here’s our top favs for outside fun for the fam!

1.You still need some warm layers. 

60 degrees still requires long sleeves and a sweatshirt for many.  Make sure you’re prepared so you're not expecting to be warm in a tank and tee. I love this sweatshirt from Target

and of course Abercrombie is always a win for our older boys.

2. Plant a small garden: 

Here’s a great link for easy at home gardening ideas.  The benefits of gardening are major.  It’s an activity that keeps on giving throughout the entire summer.  It teaches our kids responsibility. 

It shows how our food begins with nothing but a seed, and transforms into a delicious salad on our plate.  There’s something to do for all ages and everyone can enjoy it together.

3. This bubble gun from target is a huge hit on our house. 

Stock up on refills and ensure each kid has their own.  This activity will  then be peaceful, fun, and last for hours.  (There’s plenty of time to teach sharing, this is one activity that is way more fun when each person can have their own to enjoy, and they’re relatively cheap).

4. Remember the “bigger” activities.


From bikes, scooters, trampolines and playgrounds, I’m a huge fan of investing in one bigger toy, than a bunch of tiny ones.  Our motto is “experiences instead of things” when it’s doable.  I’d much rather a bike than a new toy or “stuff”.

5. Eat Alfresco! 

There is something so freeing and fun about eating family dinner outside.  Take your coffee to the porch, organize a picnic for after school, or a family picnic.

6. Do your indoor activities outside. 

Coloring, painting, play dough can all be done in the fresh air at a table.  Don’t limit yourself.

7. Walks! 

Use this as a time for some one on one with a kid or your spouse, or a mental refresher for yourself.

8. Chalk gets elevated with this creative spin!


Nothing is more fun than planning a menu together, involving the family creating  the side dishes, choosing the proteins (we love steak and chicken drummets and a good ol’ hot dog).  Its an activity, healthy option, and kids love it so much. They are more likely to eat when they get to help plan and choose the foods as well.  Our oldest is almost fourteen and loves grilling, so it’s also  agreat way to create independence for those teens!

10. Scavenger Hunt in the Backyard! 

This is perfect for all ages, and a great birthday party activity as well.  Go wild, hide lollipops, find certain types of outdoor foliage, there’s so many ways!   Check out this game too its such a fun win!

Download our Spring Bucket List Printable here.