Summer's Approaching: How to Enjoy the Heat, Stay Hydrated, and not Melt.

Do you prefer the cold or warm? 

This age old question has divided us for centuries.

My husband loves the heat.  Between his influence, my running, and the overall feeling most of us have of wanting to enjoy "the great outdoors", I've worked on enjoying the summer heat a little more.  Here's my fave ways.  Many of these are not just my own, but happy to share.

Dress for the Heat:

Cool thin dresses, no layers, sandals, shorter sleeves.  You'd be surprised how much your fabric choices and outfits dictate how hot you are.

Shade Makes a Huge Difference:

When choosing a park, running path, or activity, shade can really effect how hot you get.

Water Activities 

Being in a pool, lake, ocean, water balloons, water guns, slip-n-slides are all great options for both you and your kids.

Once it hits above 85/90  degrees you really need to be wet or drying off from being wet in my opinion.


Water isn't enough if you're going to be outdoors for a while.  I've been focusing on increasing my electrolytes personally as I continue running and increasing my mileage.  Anytime we're outside as a family, it's also a great idea, and our kids love it. 

My favorite is coconut water and Nuun Hydration since they're both lower in sugar. Like I said, this applies to our entire family, not just adults. 

Get Good Water Bottles for the Entire Family! 

Straws, cool colors, ones you and your family will actually use.  Always have it with you!  Below are links to our favorites.





I'm a big of an of baseball caps and visors they really do absorb the sweat (gross), and shield your eyes.

Sunscreen for YOU:

Sunscreen is a must but especially for you.  Don't forget to incorporate this into your every day.  

What are your best tips to enjoy the heat?  Let us know in the comments!