5 Easy Time Management Tips to Reduce the Chaos

We are always looking for hacks, easy solutions, and time saving tips to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Planning as I've always said is not the end goal, rather having a life you want filled with the things you desire is what counts.

Being a little organized goes a long way and will give you more time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you enjoy.

Here's a few small ideas to reduce the chaos, stay on top of the main thing, keep the focus alive and live as positively as possible.


1. Write Down the Event Along with the Task:

Anytime you are invited somewhere that requires a gift, write down the event as well as the task to buy a present in your calendar.

Sally is having a birthday party?  Well as soon as you mark that down on April 26, you write "buy present" on April 19.  Remember to include a gift bag.

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2. What Goes Up Must Come Down:

Scheduling a girls night but you know you'll be up late? Be sure to schedule an early night or nap within a few days.  

This applies to anything.  Throwing out old clothes? Schedule the drop off etc..

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3. Make Sure Everyone has Something They Enjoy at Dinner by Mixing Less:

Trying a new sauce for the pasta?  Make sure you leave some plain in case it's not everyone's taste.  Hubby trying to loose a few pounds?  Make sure there's some alternative he can have instead.

Salad for dinner and one kid hates tomatoes and one loves them?  Leave 'em on the side.

Not much more work, but much happier and healthier eating.

4. Plan your Meal Prep Along with Your Weekly Menu:

On Sundays when you plan your menu for the week, or whichever day you do it, this idea will save money, time, and energy.

Making meatballs on Monday?  Well then meatball wraps on Tuesday for lunch sound perfect.

Have broccoli as a side planned for Wednesday at dinner?  Broccoli and Cheese Omelet sounds like a great breakfast on Thursday to us.

meal prep

5. Outsource More When you Feel Choked:

We all have those days, weeks, or months where life just feels a little MORE.  The laundry feels like it's piling up faster, lunches are taking longer etc..

When this happens, it's time to delegate. Involve your kids in packing lunches/putting away clothes, order more takeout, dry clean a few of those items you normally iron, buy grapes instead of pineapple that requires cutting up etc..

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Hope these are helpful!

What's your best tip?

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