Mindset Shifts I've Made When Being Positive Became Negative

So generally I love that I'm positive, focused, and goal oriented.

The flip side of being ambitious though, is that sometimes you feel like you're never done, or have never "won". 

Want to be an awesome parent and take your kids outside?  Well, you can always stay out longer.  Want to increase your revenue by 100%?  Well, you could have increased it by 200% etc...

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I've been feeling this a lot lately so here's a mindset shift that helped me.  

I made a list of what would make me feel successful at being at better parent.

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For example, providing protein and a vegetable/fruit at all meals, taking them outside daily or least running around with them etc..

Making a "key to feeling successful", means anything above that is exactly that, extra, and I can quantify what makes me like I'm winning.

Try making this type of list and let me know if it helps you!  

Another mindset shift that helped was a tip from my friend Binie Klein.

She shared how we can frame anything as our identity.  For example "I make money" if you're just getting starting in your business, or "I'm a mother that makes home cooked meals" etc..  This has actually helped me a lot and a mantra I've been using daily.

Let us know if any of these have been helpful for you.  

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