5 New Year's Resolutions You Need to Make (That Aren't What you Would Think)

I'm actually super pro resolutions.  Fresh starts?  I love them!  Any chance, any opportunity to take a moment and start anew is a win in my book.

With weight loss influencers pushing their weight loss programs, random hobbies you hope to begin, or the marketing strategies for every product going wild with the New Year being our "best one yet", here's some very necessary New Year's Resolutions, and a few unique ones to try.

1) Prioritize Something In Your Life You've Put Off:

Decluttering, friendships, your hair, whatever it is.  Find that area you've been neglecting and set aside a half an hour a week, ten minutes a day, or one day a month and focus on it.

2) Try a New Food a Month: 

A new dish at the restaurant you always frequent, that random vegetable at the produce isle you've always skipped over, or a condiment that isn't ketchup or mustard.  

3) Give to Others: 

Volunteer, send a thoughtful text message, invite friends over after a tough week, or even just put down that phone when speaking to someone.  We always feel better after we give, and remembering the importance of community and basic values when it comes to entering the New Year is an important one.  


4) Develop a Morning and Nighttime Routine for Yourself:

This is probably my favorite since it's so crucial to success.  We do it for our kids, we know how, now it's a matter of implementing it.   Pack your own lunch, make sure your own clothes are clean, and take the time for your skincare.  You deserve it.  Sleep is such an important aspect of health that often goes overlooked, and a strong morning makes for a strong day.  

5) Learn Something You've Never Learned as a Child:

Swimming or riding a bike, the days in each month (I still don't know this and I make planners), or anything else.  This one is super cute, doesn't take a long time, and is a fun not too technical resolution for this coming year.

Regardless, whatever your New Year's Resolution is, make sure it's quantifiable, measurable, and attainable!  

See below for our favorite printables to help 2023's goals come to fruition.  And of course, a planner doesn't hurt ;)


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