Your 20-Minute Sunday Night Routine to Start the Week off Right

Firstly, Sundays have this weird blend of a weekend chill, prep for the week, and for many of us it's the main day to get errands and household projects done.

For this, I say, it's super important for our kids to get to have that "weekend chill" too.  School, homework, constantly being told where to be and when can be hard for kids.  Let the weekend be the weekend.  Stay in pajamas longer, leisurely breakfasts, a little more relaxed with screen etc..

On the flip side, let them see how managing a household is done, and include them in that yard work, giveaway bag, and spring cleaning,  

Moving on, in this post we're focusing on the "prep for the week" piece from a planner perspective.

Let's Get Into It:

Make a delicious drink, wear something you feel good in, and whip out your planner.

1)  Look at your month and week ahead.  

2) Spent five minutes looking at old text messages, emails, whatsapps or anything else you said you'd write down.  This is the time to do it.

3)  Build your week beginning with your menu based on the week.  Begin by checking out your kitchen and freezer to see what you already have and need to buy. 

Stuck on menu ideas?  Here's a few tips:

-Assign each day a category:  Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesday, Dairy on Wednesday etc..

-Create a master list of ideas, recipes, and dinners that you can refer to (Like 30-40), then just choose for the week ahead.

-Join a recipe whatsapp chat or facebook group for fresh ideas.

4) Create grocery list and when you're shopping (I'm a huge delivery fan). 

5) Assign any tasks or to do's to the week.  For example, if your son needs a new sweatshirt, and Monday you're in a full day of meetings, write it down for Tuesday.

6) Check in with your goals in general and make sure they're included for the week. Plan in your workouts, water, meal prep, work projects, phone calls to mom, date night with hubby.

And enjoy! 





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