How Being a "Planner Person" Has Made Me a Better Mom

Planning Has Made Me a Better Mom.

I think growing up we all have a vision of the type of parent we’ll be.  Along comes our kids and that entire vision changes. 

I actually don’t know what mine was.

I knew I wanted to give them 100%, knew I always wanted to be a mother.

Somewhere along the way this desire to do right by them became strong.


I remember a quote from Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky resonated with me when I was younger.  “We want so much for our children to succeed!”  So simple, yet so true.


We moved back to Baltimore right after we had our third child (a girl!), I decided to  commute in order to keep my job as a Middle School Teacher,  and around half a year later is when it got even more intense.

We began doing construction on our home, I decided to get serious about losing the baby weight that had accumulated, and so began my love affair with my planner. I had to remember my greek yogurt, healthy snacks and water bottle at work.   I had lessons plans in the evening.  Simultaneously picking out tile, adjusting the little ones to a new neighborhood, meetings with architects and more. 

I was juggling working out after the kids went to sleep with grading tests and finalizing kitchen layouts, and I survived and dare I say thrived because I splurged on my first luxe daily planner.  

Since then I’ve created my own company and enable other woman to do the same.

Why do I continue to be hyper focused on To Do Lists??  My family is way better for it.   

I'm a Much Better Individual, Mother, Wife, Daughter and Friend and Here's Why:  

Our Children See They’re a Priority: 

There is something so powerful about your child sharing a new toy they want, a certain story they remember to read at bedtime, or an activity they itching to sign up for, and having them watch you write it down so it isn’t forgotten. 

It makes them feel validated, important, and that you take them seriously.

I forget Less: 

The reality is having a calendar and space to write appointments, reminders, school info and more means things are remembered.  From show-n-tell days, friend's birthday parties, and when it’s their turn to take Henry the Guinea Pig Home, remembering something important is always a good thing.

It Allows Me to Prioritize My Own Goals and Aspirations: 

As moms we sometimes forget we're people.  We have relationships we want to cultivate, career opportunities we want to explore, and books we want to read.  Sometimes as parents we almost feel we're unsure if we're even "allowed" that and to what degree.  After all, our family has needs too.  

Personally, before I explore anything for myself the question I ask  is "Is everyone still taken care of?".  Can I still give them attention?  Make sure they have clean clothes, food, love etc.. Having a planner allows me to access and almost always there is always time to go for what I want to do personally.  Sometimes it means outsourcing, sometimes not, but the truth is as long as it was a thought in your brain and you have a plan, you're a rockstar. 

When I Feel Accomplished I'm Happier:

Feeling good about your day, feeling proud, and having a forward thinking approach makes  you overall more confident and content.  Confident and content moms make better moms.  Relaxed and fulfilled individuals make better spouses and friends.  

Are you a planner person?  Let us know in the comments .  In the meantime, you know the drill, head on over to the other sections of our website, stay on our email list, and GET PLANNING.  

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