We all know it's important to slow down, get sleep, make time for friendships, exercise etc..

We want to create  a work life balance that suits our needs, spend time outside and less time on our phones. 

Sometimes though, we can't.

Sometimes our flights get delayed.  Sometimes, visiting day is the same week as a work conference.

Maybe the only time for a family trip is immediately after a huge work deadline that you had to pull an all nighter for.  

Your best friend is able to visit, and it's the same week your kids have a  HUGE project in school due.

And as much as we try, this is just life, and we wouldn't choose to not get together with our friends, do the project with our kids, or attend the conference.  It makes sense and it's a non negotiable.  But, life is busier and frankly there's not much to change at the moment.  

I had this last week and it dawned on me the importance of keeping it easy the day after, and during those days and pockets when you can.

Here's what I did that really helped:

1. Do the Bare Minimum the Following Day:

Think freezer dinner, as much sleep as you can by going to bed early, napping for an hour if you can.  Let kids watch more if you need to, really keep expectations very low.  You'll have plenty of other days to be mom of the year with fun crafts, fifteen bedtime stories or whatever tickles your fancy.  Today is CALM AND CHILL VIBES ONLY, focus on basics and recovery.

2. Prioritize the Basic Physical Needs: 

Drink a lot of water, fruits, veggies and proteins, a walk outside etc... Same for anyone else that needs it.  If your kids had to walk completely across an airport with no snack cuz you were in the middle of Turkey, than the next day everyone gets some Vitamin D, wears their comfiest sweatshirt, and relaxes.

3. Plan the Next Day: 

If you have a chilled one after arriving , the following day will probably be pretty jam packed,  Spend 5 minutes going through the next day and all deadlines etc.. since you're keeping today pretty low key.


4. Still Make Sure all Needs are Met: 

Kids still need clean clothes, if its pajama day in camp they need to dress for the event, if there's emails that can't wait answer those... you get the idea.

5.  Ease Back Into Normal:

The next day, may be normal, but if you're now focused on a full day of work, still keep dinner light, get a babysitter if you have to work a little more, no need to catch up on laundry when there's paperwork for the next school year etc...


Make sure you still go to sleep early and you're good to go!




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