We all have those random things we "wish" we had time to do.

Drink more water

Be more active

Read that non fiction book

Devote more time to our marriage

Cultivate a friendship

Learn to knit (true store it's on my list...)

Learn a Foreign Language

Improve our LinkedIn Posts

Get quality sleep

This list goes on.

The problem is that this list looks super overwhelming.  So whats the answer when you want to do any of the above, and NOT be feel overwhelmed?

You use my fifteen minute 80% rule.

Do something for 15 minutes a day, 80% of the time.


Because fifteen minutes is. not a super long amount of time.  We can all find 15 minutes. in the day.

Why 80%?  Because real life is an unexpected work deadline that comes up, a kid that gets strep, or an unexpected phone call.  So it's important to be realistic that there will be plenty of times where reading that memoir will take the back burner.

You'll be shocked by how quickly your space will feel decluttered by spending some time just getting rid a garbage bag here and there, or the amount of books you will go through.

Spending 15 minutes texting a few people you love a nice message will radically enhance relationships.

Spending 15 minutes cutting up some veggies or boiling some eggs will make it so much easier to reach for healthy snacks.

We all scroll through our phone, imagine if fifteen of those minutes were youtube videos teaching you a skill you've wanted to work on.

Try it and let us know! Because little steps, make huge differences. 

Feel uninspired and want to begin but not sure what you would even do if you could?

Try these ideas:

Spend fifteen minutes and:


Clean Your House


Read Anything You've Always Wanted To

Sit Outside


Prep Something for the Freezer

Learn Five Words in a New Language

Listen to a Short Podcast

Volunteer or Do an Act of Kindness



Comment below with what YOU plan on using this tip for.

Ready to try it? 

Use this resources to make this habit that much easier.





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