Why a Hybrid of a Paper Planner and Technology Will Be Your Method for Success

Don't come at me, because I stand firmly in this and you should too.

Obviously, I've built a company based on using a paper planner and here's why:

1. Doesn't need to be charged and it doesn't run out of batteries.

2. Studies show you remember things better when you write them down.

3. Comes with fewer distractions (no other apps on your planner etc..(


4. Having a planner creates a certain commitment to yourself mentally.

5. You have to be more selective when you're writing things down.  

6. Reduces stress and anxiety. There is such a sense of relief when I am feeling overwhelmed and just sit down with my planner and brain dump.

7. It's way more visible.  

8. It's more simple, and less daunting.  You're literally just writing things down. 

9. Such a variety of layouts and covers, more visually appealing.

10. There's something so satisfying about crossing something off or checking it off your list.


However, and I'm gonna get some flack in the planner world for saying this,  there's also certain things that only technology can provide.

1. You will most likely always have your phone with you.  You don't have to "remember" to bring it or look at it.

2. Technology is sharable which is super helpful within work, planning meetings, or at home.  Making a google calendar everyone can have access to, or a list everyone can collaborate on can be super helpful.

3. You can't search within your planner.

4. It's more environmentally friendly.

5. Less "stuff" around.  (My planner is always just around and out).

6. More portable.

7. You have to be looking at your planner to remember things.  Your phone or google calendar has reminders, alarms, and alerts.

8. Options of apps and layouts are endless.

9. More budget friendly.  You normally already have a phone or computer anyway.

10. Less waste and can record things from years ago.


So what's the answer?  Well, if you've met me you know I"m going to tell you a paper planner is WHERE IT'S AT! It's the first thing after family I'd probably take if I could only bring three things to a deserted island.


However, I personally like a hybrid, and incorporating some technology into my daily life is what sits best and functions best for me. Which features do I like?

1. Reminders on my phone for when something is "different":

For example, if I switched carpool with somebody, a child needs to bring in show and  tell, or I have to wake up at a certain time.  A planner won't remind me I have to leave early or that my son has to wear blue that day.  

2. Anytime I have to collaborate:

Work projects are always begun on google docs when collaborating.  After we decide what needs to be done and a timeline, we will go into our planner and plan it out and write it down.

Or, if my husband and I are planning a trip or have a standard date out, google docs and calendar are very helpful.

3. If I'm out and don't plan on taking my planner:

Plenty of times if I'm going on vacation I'll take a picture of my planner instead of schlepping it.  Or if I'm grocery shopping I love planning out menus in my planner and then taking a pic of my list.

However you plan, KUDOS to you on being intentional and deliberate with your time.  

Ready to HYBRID it up?  Here's our favorite Driven Day ways to get it done.  


1. Use google calendar and docs along with our workday pad for tasks that day.

2. Use the tear away features of our Shabbos Pad and Grocery List along with reminders and memo on your iPhone.

3. Use some of the suggestions above and buy the Driven Day Planner!


4.  Use our printables!  From daily and weekly templates, health and more, combine our favs with your favorite technology.


And let us know how you plan in the comments.  Are you team, paper, technology, or hybrid? 

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I’ve tried the full electronic version of scheduling and planning and it doesn’t work for me either. Using the Driven Day planner turns planning into a more meditative act. It feels more like me time. Especially since the planners are so well designed and have nice details that keep me thinking positively and working toward my goals.

Kaitlyn November 08, 2021

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