Post Holiday Goal Setting: Always Add Don't Restrict: The Health Mindset that Applies to all Aspects of Life

The months of November and December are filled with holiday cheer, family time, gift buying, spiritual and holiday festivities etc..

With that always comes "tabling" other aspects.  Health may take a backseat while you enjoy holiday parties and Bubby's old recipes.  Work may not be at its max as people are out of the office and potentially off to travel to loved ones. And while you may find yourself playing catch up to emails, no major projects tend to happen during this time.  

Maybe you became more relaxed with bedtime for your kids.

First of all we're giving ourselves a major pat on the back for giving our all during such a juggling time of year.

But Now What?

Because the holidays are over, gift buying is done.  The last of the decorations are put away (or need to be), say goodbye to the  "every night is something else mentality". 

Most important let's look to add structure, value, health, wellness, and goals back into the equation. 

1. Sit Down and Prioritize:

Mind space and time to think is such a beautiful gift.  The concept of taking a half hour just to reflect and brain dump is powerful and luxurious.  

What are those projects you've been putting off?

Organizing the shed?  Nights out with friends?  Drinking more water? 


2. Make a game plan for these projects using the SMART METHOD:

This coincides beautifully with New Year's Resolutions.

Make each of your goals 





Time Bound

For Example:

Cleaning out your shed would look like:

shed cleanout

Entire Shed Would be Function enough to walk through with the ability to find all items easily.

It will be done in 3 months in time for when we buy the kids new bikes.

4. Break This Task Down into Smaller Pieces:

1. Remove all garbage from shed.

2. Giveaway all unnecessary tools, roller blades etc..

3. Examine what things don't belong in shed and bring to proper place.

4. Organize all tools, bikes, etc...

5. Examine layout to maximize space.

Then look at your calendar and planner and go from there. What can happen daily and weekly etc...?

5.  Divide These Tasks into Weekly and Daily Appointments in Your Planner 

We all have those amazing ideas and hopes for life.  When we're so busy with holiday season, those tend to go on the back burner, and rightfully so.

Let's give ourselves the luxury and self care of mind space. Just sitting down to reflect on our priorities, and what's happening on the daily to achieve those will ensure our happiness and wellbeing. 

See below for our favorite Driven Day Resources!


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