Which Planner is for You? We've Broken it Down Here!

The number one question I get is:

"Which planner is right for me?"

Thank G-d as the business has grown so have the varieties.  Let's get into it!

Religious or Standard?

I actually began with the creation of Jewish Planners.  Specifically ones that combined goal setting, ambition, health, and organization with the busy lives of myself and my friends.

With weekly Shabbat meals, Jewish Holidays and their prep, along with the lifestyle of shutting down once a week, typically larger families,  laws and customs to remember and prioritize, logistically, there was a lot.

But it didn't mean both couldn't exist simultaneously.  

For over four years, Jewish woman are using our Religious Planners to smash their goals, focus on their relationship with the One Above, and ensuring they're on time to carpool while doing it. 

However, we quickly saw our layouts, approach, and methods resonated with all walks of life and so began an accessory line, pads, and printables for all backgrounds, affiliations and more. And now, our Standard Planners.

The commonality?  Ambitious woman with very full lives who wanted to tackle it calmly and successfully.  From health goals and career ones, to making Church Sundays the highlight of the week for the family, our Driven Women are exactly that, DRIVEN.


If you are looking for a standard planner, we offer one layout, the daily layout.  This is our most popular and combines our favorite features of our products throughout the years into one luxe planner.  We do the hard work for you, and leave the filling in of health sections, monthly and weekly goals, gratitude, and menu planning up to you.

If you are Jewish and not sure which layout is right for you.

Here's the Differences and Basics:

We offer September and January Start Dates.

All daily layouts in both are the same.

The two major difference are

We offer a weekly planner for our September start date.  This has a two page spread per week in addition to Shabbat meal planning, weekly goal setting and time-slots.

We offer a larger "full size" option for January (the original size of our planners when we first began).


Want to take our layouts for a test drive without any commitment? Click here for our free printables of both our daily and weekly layouts.






For a more in depth look, our product descriptions are thorough and specific, we'r available by DM and email and can't wait to help you on your journey for a more productive and fulfilling life.



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