Eight Yom Kippur Activities to do with Your Kids


As we approach Yom Kippur, there's always a strange duality that exists.  It's the most spiritual day of the year, where we fast, pray, and try to connect with G-d,  On the other hand, if you're a mother, there's children that also need to be fed, entertained, napped, put to sleep, and entertained.

Here's some of our favorite Yom Kippur activities, tips, and ideas

 These can be applied to any situation where you you may need to be focused on something greater than JUST your family.  Maybe you need ideas that serve you're family while NOT zapping energy.  (you're sick with the flu, on edge while you're waiting for an important call, were up all night with a baby etc..)

1. Clean Your Playroom WITH the Kids:

Sometimes less is more.  Making sure your den, playroom, and toys are organized, at a level where kids can get them on their own, makes a huge difference.  It's hard to say "go get the lego, mommy's on the couch", if it's on a high shelf, or stuck behind another toy, mixed up.  Including them, teaches good skills, and you can make sure they toys they want most are in a spot easy to access, not in that tall bin with the hard cover.  

2. Choose a Fun New Toy for the Day:

Take them to the dollar store, 5 below, or target so they can feel in control and you can ensure you're picking out activities THEY enjoy.

3. They Need to Eat- Make It Tasty, Easy, and Fun:

I put a huge cholent (slowly baked meat and vegetables, prepared the night before and cooked overnight) with the WORKS.  Kishke, eggs, hot dogs etc.. so they're fed and have a solid dinner while I'm fasting, with zero prep on my end. 

Letting them set up a "picnic", use fun cute new plates, make their snacks into smiley faces, etc...

4. Set up Breakfast the Night Before:

Having bowls out, milk on the bottom shelf, or easy muffins they can take on their own is HUGE.  It makes it easier to foster independence as well.  


Prayer, and connection is a HUGE part of Yom Kippur.  Pray with them, show them the meaning of the day, and instill that value.  It makes a huge difference, is proper parenting, and will therefore also allow you to pray properly.

6. Focus on Toys and Activities Your Kids can Play with Each Other, or Independently: 

A 1000. piece puzzle may require you to be by their side, while a baby and stroller is something she can rock and play with regardless if your praying, in the bathroom, or resting.

7. Invite a Friend Over:

Many times some fresh energy, someone their age, and a familiar face can help the time fly by for all.

8. Cereal Necklaces:

Get some string, fruit loops, and let them go wild!

Of course, all of this requires planning, thought, and intention.  Check out our planners, journals, and notebooks to create a plan and turn it into action. 

What are some of your favorite tips and activities for Yom Kippur?  Share and comment below