Let's talk about the holiday seasons during this spring and how with proper balance and thought they can meaningful and fun without the stress.  

In the Jewish Community the time from Purim through Passover is very busy!

Purim is a lesser known Jewish holiday that is celebrated in spring (on the 14th or 15th day of Adar) to commemorate the defeat of Haman's plot to massacre the Jews as recorded in the book of Esther.

It's celebrated with costumes, charity, lavish meals, and packages to each other.  (Mishloach Manot).  Some families go full out theme crazy, others choose to do cards and a few simpler packages etc..

Regardless it's a lot of fun and a lot of details.

And shortly after is Passover, which is one of the biggest holidays and also, yup, filled with details.

Or for our Driven Day Peeps that celebrate Easter, the shopping, festivities, and more definitely require mind space, time, and prioritizing.  

See links on the bottom for our  Freezer Inventory and Purim Printables as well as Passover E-book,  This post  we're going to focus on one tip unrelated to the holiday specifically, but that will make a huge difference.

The Freezer.

When there's a lot of details in life that you can't control, slim down the stuff you can, to make time and free up energy.

See below for our favorite foods to keep in the freezer for those busy months. 

Either double up dinners leading to holiday season or capitalize on a day or two before it gets hectic to stock it up.

A. Basic Freezer Tips:

1. Label on the front not the top so you can read what it's inside just by opening your freezer door.

2. Put oldest things in the front.  For example:  Soup made two months ago goes in front of chicken made a week ago and recently frozen goes behind. 

3. Freeze flat, store vertically.  

This works really well for soups or mashed fruit in ziplocs.

4. Keep a list on the outside of your door of what's inside. 

(See end of blog for printable)


B: From basics to recipes, here's our favorite  type of freezer stables:

-Store bought and kept on hand.

-. Home Made:

- Ingredients to enhance other dishes,

1. Cookie dough

2. Rotisserie chicken 

3. Chicken or Burger Patties either homemade or store bought.

4. Cookie dough (bought or homemade).

5. Cooked Rice

6. Portioned out Mashed Potatoes

7. Meatballs (can serve with fresh spaghetti or frozen cooked rice).

8. Roasted Chicken

9. All baked goods such as muffins, cookies, and bars, Freeze individually for breakfast on the go! These are also great to have if a friend or family member has a baby etc... having the freezer prepped can be an easy way to help when you're juggling so much. 

10. Even more foods with ground beef:  Taco meat, meatloaf. Shephard's Pie 

11. Stews and soups:  Chicken soup, beef stew, split pea, tomato to serve with grilled cheese. 

12. Lasagna

13. Mac and Cheese

14. Baked Ziti

15. Pepper Steak- Serve with frozen rice, or on sub rolls.

16. All the basic frozen prepared goodies such as falafel balls, eggrolls, chicken nuggets, lets normalize using this during busy times of year and well always to be honest. 

17. Pizza Crusts for make your own pizza night.  No reason dinner time can't still be fun and creative.

18. Beans, lentils, for easy proteins. 

19. Breaded chicken cutlet (Shnitzel) or grilled for a healthier option.

20. Good ol' frozen veggies: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Butternut Squash, stir Fried Vegetables, edamame etc... Air Fry Them as a simple side and you're good to go.  

See below for our favorite tried and true Driven Day Resources!