10 Hacks for Consistently Hitting those Goals During a Busy Week

We've all been there.  It's the middle of January, and you've done the resolutions, goal setting, and priority mapping for the coming year.  And then, life gets super busy.   When you're having a busy week, the busyness can feel equally frustrating when you feel like it's taking away from the other goals and habits you've been trying to focus on.

Your boss schedules daily meetings on an upcoming project that you KNOW will take up more time than usual.

Your kid needs braces and suddenly you're at the orthodontist every other week.

Your basement floods, you're redoing a bathroom, or your kid's soccer team suddenly goes to finals.

Any and all  of the above.

Here's some tweaks, habits, and ideas to continue to focus on those goals by creating a few more extra minutes, and/or maximizing your time.

1) Take Work Calls While Walking as a Way to get in More Movement When you Don't Have Time to go the Gym.

2) Cut Down on the Meaningless Social Media and Netflix.  

You'd be surprised how long we scroll without realizing, maybe for this week you set a timer and only do a half hour. 

3) Buy More Prepped and Ready to Go Foods:

Buy precut up veggies, easy to grab deli meet, beef jerky,  greek yogurt, and  prepackaged chip bags for lunches for the kids.  Anything that cuts down on prep time while providing good nutrition and tasty food is a win in our book.


4) Delegate Tasks.

This could be to a coworker, giving extra projects to a cleaning lady, asking your kids to pitch in more this week etc.., or time blocking the evenings with your spouse.  

5) Make Phone Calls in the Car.

Sometimes just being a little thoughtful and on top of your To Do List, and then using the car ride for some calls can really open up some extra time.

6) Dress For the Mood You Need to be in.

There are times where we waste a lot of brain space on getting in the "zone".   Put on the killer outfit before a business meeting, or workout clothes as soon as you wake up so you're not spending time hyping yourself up to do the task.

7) Keep Basics More Accessible.

Cleaning spray in each bathroom, water pitcher on the counter to keep hydration up, or coloring pages for fun hands on activities, whatever youre trying to be more consistent on at that time.  Regardless, make it easier to do the things you said you'd do by having them in easy to reach places.

8) Make Yourself an Adult Star Chart:

If you've been busier, tired at the end of the day, and you've also wanted to work on those abs, bribe yourself.  Nothing wrong with promising yourself if you do it this week even though it's hard you, that you'll get that new jacket you've wanted.

9) Make it Win Win.

Do double duty and focus on two goals at the same time.  Want to spend quality time with your spouse, also exercise and you have a big work deadline?  Bond over a gym session.  Invite one kid to help you make dinner so you're doing one on one time while also prepping that soup.  

10) Shift Your Priorities.

Maybe you actually ARE too busy to do it all.  Skip the gym then, make next week date night instead, let your house be messier.  It's possible it's too much and you just need to take a step back and adjust your expectations.  

What do you do when it's a busy week?

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