My Favorite Amazon Finds: From Health and Kids to Travel and More.

No fancy intro here.  Just who doesn't have those things from Amazon they buy again and again.  

Or maybe you're so lucky you've bought it once and hold onto it for dear life.

Well, here's mine and it's totally random:


1. I've bought these once before but plan on stocking up as I begin training for the Miami Half Marathon.  They come in a ton of flavors! 

2. I own many water bottles and could probably do a whole post about them.  This one is is like an adult sippy cup.  Sometimes I'll load it up with ice and water before bed and keep on my night stand for the morning and it's still super cold.  I have the white.

It's also perfect for carpool and drives.



3. These stay soo much cleaner than I expected.  I bought them wanting to be more sustainable and I'm shocked by how often I use them, how easily they clean, and how much the kids like them. 


4. I have two sets of these and by far my favorite containers for the kids' lunches.

5. These are a must for car rides and flights.  They're easy, portable, come in a few colors and there's a billion versions of them on amazon.  So much easier than markers and paper.





6. This is also a great arts and crafts activity for on the go that makes very little mess.  We've used all different versions of it.



7.  My husband is obsessed with these shorts and has about a million pairs in our condo in Surfside as well as Baltimore.  Perfect for his workouts, they're a great length (not so short that it's weird or long that it's nerdy), and also come in a ton of colors.  And Dovid is NOT a stuff person! Our son is begging for us get in his size.


8.  I've bought this every few months for years.  I use it for my inner corner, sometimes as eyeshadow or as a base for a light shimmer eye look.  Obsessed, I purchase this over and over. 


9.  My husband and I both have these.  If you don't travel with a hanging zip up case for all your makeup and toilet tries, you should.  Love the brown leather and neutrality of it.


10.  I lived by these over the holiday season.  What's awesome is they come with cups, napkins, and silverware in addition to plates so it's a one and done!  Black and gold, navy, they're all beautiful.

What are your amazon favs?  Let us know in the comments and share!