Quotes about Growth That Drive Me.

I'd say around a year ago I decided to take Driven Day to the next level and really push it.  This came after years of feeling like I had the best of both worlds.  I was there for my family, had a small business to call my own that fulfilled me, and was genuinely happy with the balance.


After a slew of events, which are for a different Blog Post, I decided to work longer hours, invest more, and see where it would go.

It's been unreal, but that also mean my baseline and goals for the company majorly shifted.

Here's 5 quotes I remind myself when I'm feeling defeated, need some inspiration, or even just a kick in the pants when I get in my own head.

1.  "You Can't Be it if you Don't See It.":

I began surrounding myself by more and more people who were pushing the envelope, making big strides, really disrupting the industries they were in, and extremely successful at it too.  This is incredibly motivating, and an important reminder.   You'll tend to reach for what you know and are exposed to.  For example, if you grew up in a home with a stay at home mom, how in the world are you supposed to be a working mother if you don't expose yourself to people that are doing what you want to be doing?

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2. "Becoming is Better than Being.":

This is a quote from one of my all time favorite children's books "Bubble Gum Brain" by Julia Cook.

bubble gum brain

Don't stand still, don't accept okay, instead always strive for growth and innovation, even if it's scary, lonely, frustrating, and hard.  Failing at trying is way better than never trying at all.  

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3. "If There's a Spark, there's a Fire.":

This is a quote my husband shared with me when I was having a tough day.  And this quote was actually shared with him by a former investor and mentor of his.

Many times, we'll have growth but it won't be huge, or a new product will sell but not as quickly.  If there's a spark, and something there, don't give up, there's endless potential.  IF THERE WAS NOTHING AT ALL?  LEGIT ZERO?  Then, we need to reevaluate.


4. "I didn't sell Spanks, I sold a Flat Tummy."- Sara Blakely:

This will forever remain my all time favorite quote about business.  I'm not sure if this is the exact wording but the idea is such a fundamental one.  You don't sell the product or service, you sell the results.

I don't sell planners, I sell the life that being thought-out and intentional gets you.  It's what's made us stand out in the planner industry, has grown our social media and e-mail subscriber list, and remains at the forefront of virtually all business decisions.

I also apply this to life in general.  I don't sell our kids on putting toys away, instead we focus on the clean space we'll have.

I don't sell exercise to them when I say it's time to run around outside, I sell the memories and endorphins it'll give us etc...

5.  "You can have it all, but you can't have it all at the same time."- Ariela Esquenazi, Ariela and Associates International

I've heard variations of this quote many times, and the underlying idea always remains the same.  We all have lots of goals in life, and sometimes we want them all at this exact minute.  The year you're pregnant and having a baby may not be the year you also double your income or train for a 10k.  Everything at the right time.  Internalizing this, which I'm constantly working on, creates a lot less frustration and a lot more zen.  

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Read this post whenever you need a booster of motivation and grounding.

Xoxo- Rivka