Rivki Rabinowitz's Daytime Fashion Supheroes

This week's Blog Post is All About Fashion. As women who turn to Driven Day to seek balance, motivation, and inspiration, you know how fashion is a huge piece of looking, feeling, and showing up as our best. 

We've sought out Rivki Rabinowitz, interior designer trained fashion enthusiast, lifestyle influencer, podcast host, wife, and mom to collaborate and share her hero items with us. Find her fashion recommendations to complete any summer wardrobe below.


My Daytime Fashion Superheroes:

I was jazzed about the idea of having to consolidate my wardrobe staples, because truthfully, I couldn’t tell you what comprises my sartorial sense, or express what my go-to style is! I shop based on instinct and that’s part of why I love fashion so much. It’s another creative avenue, and when possible, should be viewed as a fun outlet that isn’t taken too seriously and that makes you feel most like yourself. Here is what we can call my daily, weekday, bumming around, wardrobe superheroes.

Silk shirt, preferably oversized, ideally in smoky blues and greys:



Midi jean skirt in a true blue wash, well worn:



Graphic t-shirts, oversized and soft:




Carefree button down shirts:

 I will literally wear my husband’s or buy directly from Suit Supply for that effortless way it tucks and folds. Occasionally, I’ll wear a fitted vest (see below) or tank on top to emphasize my form, but generally I like a relaxed fit. 

Quirky sunglasses:

Not dressy, not glamorous, more androgynous and casual.

I always have a fun/elevated bag in any colour that isn’t black:

I’ve been in a phase of sourcing archival pieces from memorable collections. Find some great curated websites for items like that, like intoarchive.com and shopcuratedny.com:


Mid calf socks:

The Aritzia ones hit me at the perfect height. I wear the lavender or light green.


Cute cap:

Lots of gold jewelry:

Layered necklaces, rings, hand chains, and mismatched earrings.

My staple brands:
Omni Jewelcrafters, Alex Mika, Jennifer Fisher, Bauble Bar, Adina’s Jewels

Sneakerhead- In my opinion, the coolest sneakers are by the original sneaker brands.

Cute little vest to add a layer and create some shape:

I like them slightly cropped for my personal taste and body type. Crocheted is fun for summer.


During the summer, I wear minimal makeup, if any. I’ll curl my lashes, brush my brows, use sunscreen, and blush. Sometimes I’ll add some mascara but generally that’s the whole mood. This blush is my hero product- it gives that perfect natural glow and pigment.

This blush! My hero product:

A Good Sunscreen:

Dini wig every day- rain or shine, styled or simply done:

Rivki Rabinowitz is an interior design trained lifestyle and wellness influencer, host of Kale in My Teeth podcast, and editor of Family Room, Mishpacha magazine’s interior design magazine.

Find her:
@rivkirabinowitz on IG and TT


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